Looks like I’m still the only Speechwriter to have figured out this whole Blogger thing. Which is good, because history is written by the winners, and nobody’s going to contradict me when I talk about the day we’ve had thus far. Like how I beat Misha and Kolsky at one-on-two Aussie rules football before having breakfast with the mayor and saving a pregnant blind woman with puppies from drowning. We’re in Winston-Salem right now, and it’s actually dinner time, but I just wanted to publicly endorse North Carolina and the beyond-cool perfect strangers we’ve been staying with for what feels like the last six weeks. Theater techs have quickly wormed their way into our Top Five Groups Of People Worldwide, just behind benevolent concert promoters and Doctors Without Borders.

But we ought to be back on the road within 36 hours or so. Thanks for your patience.

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