Tour still proceeding apace. We had a terrifying 45 minutes’ worth of van trouble in Muncie, but that has since passed and we are now between towns in Ohio dreaming of tonight’s hotel check-in and subsequent shower. People have implied that we are doing this because we love music: not so. We are in it solely for the free hand soap and shampoo.

Our next show’s in Muskingum, which people have been warning us about all week, so we’ve taken our flak jackets to a local tailor’s for re-fitting and are frantically looking for that collapsable chicken-wire dome we’ve always joked about. I for one got one of the best sleeps of my adult life last night up at an organic commune that I’d tell you more about but have been sworn to so much secrecy over that I’ve probably already said too much.

And also, just because there’s been absolutely no narrative consistency to this posting, I’d like to sincerely thank all the people we’ve met on the road who have actually heard of us since way back when and driven more than 20 minutes to see us shake our speechwriting asses in some dimly lit cafeteria and sing along whenever we get the lyrics to a given verse right. You have no idea how cool that is for us. Or maybe you do, because our moms are secretly paying you to come out.

Either way, you’re good kids, all of you. Thanks.

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