“Gosh,” you’re thinking to yourself. “I wonder what it’s like to be a rock star!” Funny you should ask. Here’s a brief rundown of my last few days:


5am – go to bed in Lancaster, PA

7:30am – wake up and drive to Philly

11:30am – set up gear

12:15pm – play show

2pm – break down gear

3pm – grab a cheesesteak at Jim’s on South St. (first meal of day)

4pm – take care of business from Kinko’s docking station while Misha double-parks

5pm – drive to Granville, OH


12:30am – arrive in Granville

2am – finally tear ourselves away from the good people in Granville

4am – arrive at our hotel in Mansfield

4:01am – pass the fuck out

9:30am – wake the fuck up

11:30am – play show

1:30pm – mail things at post office in Mansfield

2pm – drive to Chicago

7:30pm – arrive in Chicago

10:30pm – see movie

1:45am – search for something witty to say here

2am – ultimately fail

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