There’s so much pressure to write something epic here at the conclusion of our first nationwide tour, but I for one am way too lazy, so maybe Misha or Kolsky will rise to the occasion. We’re all still kind of meandering toward our separate hometowns, having divvied up the luggage and patted each other on the back and said “great tour, man” not two days ago.

And it really was a great tour. Not because we were good performers or even remotely worth watching, but because it actually wound up happening. I can’t believe we got to meet so many of you, the Crazed Internet Fans, in relatively non-threatening environments. I can’t believe so many people paid attention to what we were doing onstage and actually took the time to seek us out and say hi.

We’re taking a bit of a break over the next few weeks, having been all up in each other’s grills for the past three and a half months, but we’ll still be keeping up correspondence and leaking new MP3s like they were barrels of Exxon crude. We once again applaud your patience and promise that we really have written some new songs since January 2001, and anyone who wants to will be able to hear them soon.

So thanks again to every one of you for helping make the LLC possible and continuing to support us in even our most ill-advised endeavors. It’s been a great trip, and we’ll see you all again in the spring.



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