I just don’t understand why everybody in the south is so goddamned friendly. I mean, everybody. We’re wrapping up a delightful 48 hour stay in the care of Wesleyan College, and I can say with some degree of certainty that the women of Macon, Georgia may never be surpassed in terms of both raw hospitality and the ability to make a pair of slap-happy wannabees feel like a bona fide rock band. We initially had our concerns – mine that I was going to somehow impregnate a girl by looking at her funny during the show, ending up on the wrong end of a shotgun wedding and having to live out the rest of my days in Macon; Misha’s that we were both going to be eaten by boars – but our friends at Wesleyan have gone above and beyond the call of duty at every turn. Words, as usual, fail me, but mother of GOD, are we going to miss this town.

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