There’s a lot of pressure to write something compelling when it’s the first thing that’s ever going to grace your own legal name dot com, so forgive me if I suddenly burst into tears and start mashing at the keyboard in frustration. I’ve been sitting here for upwards of fifteen minutes, staring at my laptop like it was some sort of chastity belt for the mind, and nothing seems to be happening. If inspiration has struck, it has done so elsewhere.

So I guess I’ll start off by explaining why I gathered you all here today. For those of you just joining the program, my name is Dave. I am lucky enough to count myself among the founding members of Speechwriters LLC, arguably the greatest band of all time. Among its many other pursuits, the LLC is presently waist-deep in preproduction for what should be, as one would expect, the greatest album of all time.

This is clearly good news for everyone.

However: there is a downside. An album of such earth-shattering magnitude takes a while to finish, especially when one of the core band members is enrolled as a full time college student and another works at a desk job 1,200 miles away.

Naturally, something needs to be done in the interim, or our existing fanbase will get mad and swear us off forever. We’re not exactly MBAs, Misha and I, but we do understand that this is a less-than-ideal situation and have taken great pains to keep it from happening.

It is therefore with much fanfare and intensity that I give you this, your first veiled peek at the highly-anticipated new full-length release from Speechwriters LLC:

It is, as the title would seem to indicate, a solo album, and this is, as such, a solo site. The LLC proper is still doing fantastically well, with no plans for ever slowing down or splintering off into twin factions of resentment, bile, and screened phone calls, a la Jay Farrar and Jeff Tweedy. This is simply “an album I had in me,” and we as a band have decided that I should have it excised as soon as possible so you’ll all have something to play with during the long months ahead.

So that’s pretty much that. It looks like it’s going to be a nine-track LP, in stores everywhere in time for Valentine’s Day 2004 and the subsequent shitstorm of anguish and desperation we’ve all tentatively pencilled in for the weeks that follow. I’m going to go ahead and make the ridiculous promise that there will be new samples and demos posted every three weeks until said LP is finished, starting with this week’s batch of early demos and getting exponentially better as the H-hour of D-day approaches.

So thanks for stopping by, and don’t worry about trying to steal or break anything, as it’s all been nailed or glued down in anticipation of your arrival.



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