in the last two days i experienced the best and the worst that music has to offer.

the worst: kenny chesney and uncle cracker on conan obrien.. it was seriously the most derivative frankensteined focus-grouped song that i have ever heard. it has the chord progression of the famous uncle cracker song (follow me), the intro riff of the sugar ray classic (fly), and the feel of jimmy buffet (who, as a sidenote, i like from time to time).. the song included a lyric that went something like “we’ll be hanging around, things will be easy/we’ll by lying in the hammock, where it is breezy” and kenny chesney was wearing a cowboy hat, a cut-off baby blue shirt, jeans, and sandals (the style-child of garth brooks and jack johnson).. and it was all done seriously.. awful.

the best: the we are scientists/bishop allen/on the speakers show.. it was an all-out rock extravaganza.. on the speakers was great, bishop allen was fantastic, and we are scientists made people touch themselves.. honestly, it was the truest rock show that i’ve ever been at. thank you WAS and company for redeeming music for me.

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