It was a week without equal, way down yonder in the deepest heart of Dixie, and as good as it is to be back in New York, I already miss my southside crew something fierce. Huge thanks to everyone who drove, housed, fed, and otherwise entertained my carpetbagging ass from Georgia to Florida to Sweet Home Alabama and back again – you really turned this seven day layover into one of the best little roadtrips ever, and you have my word that Misha and I will be coming back just as soon as we possibly can.

Tourwise, the shows have been going eerily well, especially considering how hastily this whole thing got thrown together. My deepest apologies to the ATLiens and anyone else our pretzel-based routing may have missed; you’re probably wondering if there was a gas leak or something in the room where we did our scheduling, and all I can really say at this point is that Something Came Up Rather Suddenly And We Had To Make Some Sacrifices. The upswing, of course, is that (for us) the next two and a half weeks may just be the most important two and a half weeks ever, in ways that we can only refer to vaguely for now. But we’re confident that, when all is said and done, you’ll look back on The Tour That Was Only Kind Of, Like, Half Of A Tour and agree with our flash management squad that it was all totally, totally worth it.

Anyways, Bud from Radio Free Alamosa was kind enough to record the interview we did a couple of weeks ago, so we’ve put the first part of that up here for anyone who’s interested.

War Eagle,


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