Hi guys. It’s been a quiet couple of months around here, hasn’t it? Eerily quiet, as if a great storm has been brewing somewhere just past the horizon. As if any second now your pets are going to start freaking out, and everybody’s going to dive for cover, having just enough time to seal the cellar door before hail, thunder, and screaming fiery blood-locusts come a-raining down from the heavens, laying waste to Tom’s Feed Store, Chucko Canyon, and pretty much everything in sight.

Well, it is with great pleasure that we stand before you today, finally able to share with you just what it is exactly that we’ve been doing back here since, you know, February.

That’s Teddy Roosevelt. If you click on his face, your computer will start downloading a two minute preview of our new album, which should be hitting the shelves sometime around August.

Tantalizing, no? Stay tuned, things are about to get a lot more exciting around here. Honest.

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