OK, it’s becoming apparent that we have a serious problem keeping this thing up to date. I’ll go ahead and take full responsibility for that.

However: this is only because SWLLC is working 36 hours a day to bring you a better, shapelier tomorrow. Truly. And we try not to talk about this tomorrow until we’re 100% sure it’s actually going to be tomorrow’s today, rather than simply yesterday’s tomorrow.

So that’s why we are only now telling you that there’s going to be a music video shoot this coming Saturday (6/19/04), and anyone who wants to be an extra is more than welcome to come down and do so. Details here.


UPDATE – 6/21/04 : Huge thanks to everyone who showed up for this – we actually managed to get the whole thing shot in one day, and our fearless crew is now editing it down from three hundred and ninety-six minutes to four. We should have something to show you soon.

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