Our first music video is finally here, and if you’ve been following the LLC for any meaningful amount of time, you’re probably bursting with questions. So we’ve taken the liberty of preparing this brief FAQ to help you regain your bearings, after having your head blown apart by the sheer awesomeness of this video.

Q: What happened to the acoustic guitars?

A: Nothing! They’re fine.

Q: Really?

A: Really.

Q: Where’s the rest of the band?

A: They’re also fine. The whole video thing came up kind of suddenly while Misha was out of town, and Jack had a really big interview that day, plus we hadn’t met Tony yet, so we did a quick roshambo over the phone and I (Dave) got picked to slam out a quick disco anthem and show up in clean pants for the shoot.

Q: Who’s this guy?

A: That’s Gary.

Q: Who are the other guys?

A: The guy in the dryer is Dan. He helped found Clear Sky Pictures with Cullen and Jerome and is a level six badass. The guy with the green underwear is Sean, and the guy with the necklace is Pat. The guy you don’t see anywhere is Liam, our aggressively heterosexual choreographer who’s often mistaken for Ernest Hemingway. Liam was the pollen-encrusted bee who essentially fertilized everyone’s flowers in the days leading up to the shoot, at which point Cullen and Jerome took over, and – this is boring you, I can tell. The important thing here is www.clearskypictures.com.

Q: Who is Chuck “The Jock” Davis?

A: (link)

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  1. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised! Though I like most of the Will Ferrell movies, I was a little afraid this movie would be too corny and I would lose interest. NOT SO! I have to say that I laughed during the ENTIRE movie.