so, i’m out tonight at a little party, and my friend tells me that there is another guy there whose name is misha.

which is crazy, right?

i hadn’t met a misha since i was in 2nd grade (he played AYSO soccer, on a different team.. he played right half, i played left.. when we ran down the sidelines after a ball, both of our parents would yell our names.. the whole thing was very confusing)

anyway, i had kind of forgot about that semi-annoying situation, and in the ensuing years had become fond of the idea of meeting another misha (in fact, i one day plan to kiss mischa barton of the OC based on the name thing.. i’m sure she’s always had a name fetish too)

but tonight, i met this kid named misha, and he was a total jackass. it was really too bad. i was very excited to have an all-misha beirut team, but it was not meant to be.

please let me know if you have a cool friend named misha, because i’d definitely like to meet him/her.

it’s still a great name.

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