things i’ll remember about upstate new york:

-redeye flights are never as cool as they sound

-the colgate inn runs the best open mic in the country

-the idaho couple

-i never got to play the 3rd-best collegiate golf course in the country

-big d and the kids like to say the f-word a lot


-dan and teresa’s response to the first jack

-the pizza that almost broke up the band

-yard sales, auto shops, and exotic tanning parlors

-the men of “open till midnight”

-the northern family, and their beautiful motel

-crystal cockayne (and her future husband)

-beirut/beer pong (and steve, my CHBB)

-signing someone’s guitar

-psycho matt and the rest of the seven-hour crew

-the four capitals that start with the same letter as the states they capitalize


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