at some point, i think we promised everyone that we would do this more often..

then we tried to set up an audio blog (which we thought would be particularly handy and tasteful at 3am when we were away from a computer but brimming with fan-friendly thoughts), but it didn’t work too well.. now i feel like i have so much to catch up on (including stories and sleep).

in extremely short form:

-i spent most of the week sleeping in jasper’s closet (it is a pretty big closet) and detesting his roommate’s cat

-chicago was a nice little 12-hour experience.. the room was tiny and full and we met a few street teamers and the half-off food was delicious.

-the madison show kicked some major ass. thanks to the profits, and also the kids who sang along to all of our songs (we videotaped it all and i showed my mom and she was proud)….

-flying to san jose through phoenix from milwaukee when you wake up in madison is a crappy idea.. it also takes along time.

-the “return to high school” special was not nearly as awful and awkward as i expected.. in fact, it was enjoyable. plus i got to be a guest star in my favorite teacher’s english class.

hello/thanks to friends made along the way: dave and eric (and the cat, begrudgingly), drummer man-child gabe, jenny, stacey, those guys who i never shared a beer with, troy, seq c, rich, mike and jp, joe, kelly, mark, and joanne.


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