Sometimes southern CA wants to be western NY

Well, the fall tour has gotten off to a great little start, just off some of the Empire State’s finer blue highways. (We were, by one account, within an hour’s drive of “America’s asshole” during most our stay.) But upstate New York has been a really nice place to get back into the swing of full-time touring, sort of like a heated birthing pool for the bastard honor student of our new record, and we’re excited to finally have it out of our bellies and hanging out with all you crazy midwives.

Past experience has taught me that it’s way harder than it looks to keep this thing updated, especially when we’re playing in a different town every night, so I’ve set up one of those Mariah Carey audioblog things where I can phone in a message from the road, and within a day or two it will magically turn into a downloadable MP3 that I’ll instantly want to take back.

So stay tuned for that. There should also be some new radio interviews and show recordings surfacing in the coming weeks.



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