Club Owner: “So.”

Speechwriters LLC: “Yeah, uh…about that.”

(a beat passes)

CO: “Listen, it wasn’t that bad. You guys put on a great show, especially for a Monday night.”

LLC: “Thanks!”

CO: “Sure. It’s just that, ah…”

LLC: “Yeah, we know.”

Long story short, we’re back at The Fire tomorrow night. We are, in fact, at The Fire right now. You might say we’re “locked into The Fire.” You might say that we’re “sleeping upstairs at The Fire” and that “if we set foot in the club/bar area between 2 and 9am we will be greeted by the Philadelphia police, and they won’t be happy.”

We’re actually thrilled to be back here tomorrow, and incredibly grateful to The Fire for having us back. It’s just that, well, we didn’t quite draw what we guaranteed (that’s industry slang for “seven people showed up”), and as a result, we’re kind of like that drifter who has to spend a few hours washing dishes to pay for his meal before he can happily go on his way.

At least, we think so. It’s actually really confusing. The people here are great, and we are by no means being held here against our will….

Tomorrow should be fun. If you’re in the greater Philadelphia area, you should really swing by and check it out. Maybe bring a file, and/or some C4.

We’d really appreciate it.

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