Misha and I woke up this morning to the startling realization that it’s mid-October and our fall tour has been over for over a week now. To be sure, it’s been a week of almost unrelenting intensity; a week that began with us literally frying the van stereo with Guns ‘n’ Roses Greatest Hits, continued with us driving nearly 1000 miles on I-5 without said stereo, and concluded with us moving roughly seven tons of furniture into our new apartment, by hand.

But you came to hear us dish about the Speechwriters LLC 2004 Fall Tour, and dish we will. Up-to-the-minute fashion reports, who’s dating who, state-by-state polling on the closest races – all this and more awaits you in our personal road diaries.

Suffice it to say: we had a blast. And it looks like some of you did too. You, the fanry, are some of the greatest fans known to man, and what can we possibly say about Throwback that hasn’t already been said? They are, without a doubt, the greatest living Canadian band, and it was both an honor and a priviledge to split cheesesteaks with them and then almost die in their van.

Thank you all.

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