i realize that i am normally apologetic at the start of a new post, because i feel bad for not posting more often..

perhaps this is unfounded, this sense that the world’s eye (or at least a few teenage eyes in the midwest) are on me. then again, my aunt chastised me for excessive drinking after i talked about a rough night a few months ago.

regardless, it’s a rainy sunday in portland (it seems to be a trend), and i’ve been up for about three hours now (it’s 4:30pm), and i am letting you know that life as a Speechwriter is *pretty* sweet.

between now and christmas we’ll be playing a smattering of shows on the west coast and perhaps a choice few on the east coast as well. in addition, we’ll be sleeping on beds and not eating subway five times a week.

last night we had a housewarming party, and played a short set in our basement. dave’s hands were mildly electrocuted because of some faulty floor wiring. we are happy to announce that there are no clear indications of lasting damage.

we will talk more soon. we love you.

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