a humble argument that speechwriters llc is the most bad-ass folk-pop duo currently blogging right now:

thursday: wake up in portland, fly down to LA, play ASCAP showcase, schmooze, go to sleep at 2:00 am

friday: wake up, hollywood meeting, in and out burgers, drive up to san luis obispo (3 hours), play a show, drive up to bay area (3 hours), go to sleep at 4:00 am

sat: wake up, pick up jack (bassist), play *giant* fraternity party, party, go to sleep at 4:00 am

sunday: wake up, lunch with family chellam, drive to ashland (6 hours), play a show, drive to portland (5 hours), go to sleep at 6:00 am

monday: wake up, take care of mundane stuff (dishes, etc.), drive up to seattle (3 hours), catch redeye to nyc, take public transit to friend’s apartment, go to sleep 11:30 am est.. wake up, walk around new york, see a friend’s band’s show (adamrichman.com), play street fighter II, blog. go to sleep, hopefully soon.

yup, certified badasses.

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