Well, we’re back from California, and the holiday season has descended upon us with a vengeance. Misha beat me again at rock-paper-scissors and is currently on vacation, while Jack and I are keeping it real up in Portland as best we know how. We’ve got a show or two coming up in January, but are otherwise dead to the world.

I just updated my journal, Misha may or may not have updated his, and Jack doesn’t seem to have one yet, but if you’re looking for something to get you through those early winter doldrums, the incomparable Tyler Huff has posted our latest San Diego show in its entirety up at archive.org.

Thank you, as always, to everyone who came out to see us. You really are, pound for pound, some of the best fans in the world, and we miss the hell out of you when you’re not around. Like, for instance, right now, in this freezing-ass apartment where I can’t figure out how to relight the heater. My kingdom for some spotlights and a throng of warm teens.


UPDATE 12/18/04: We made a short film about our recent trip to California, which you can download by clicking here. We’ve also updated our merchandise page with some sexxy 80’s slap bracelets, just in time for the holidays.


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