good morning..

i have recently woken up on my buddy’s couch in ashland.. last night we drank jack daniels and pabst.. it was a relaxing night..

the last few days have been absolutely insane.. i got back from las vegas on sunday at 11:30am, after spending a brilliant weekend with my best friends in the world and going to bed at 5:30am and waking up at 6:30am.. dave picked me up and then we rented a u-haul and then we lifted lots of heavy furniture into it (again, my twig arms realized that skinny men should not live this phat as i lifted our plush oak loveseat into the truck)..

we spent all afternoon lifting and unlifting things (our stuff, dave’s parents’ stuff, etc..)

we finished around 10pm and passed out within the hour.

we woke up the next morning at *8am, ran a bunch of leaving town errands, went over to dave’s parents house for a last meal (lamb, delicious), and then started packing out of apartment and into the van.

dave was remixing an old song that we had been touching up, and i played van tetris for about five hours.. around 7am, the end was in sight, the song was done, the van was **ridiculously packed, and we went back to dave’s parents house to sleep.

we woke around 3pm, left town at 5pm, got into ashland at 10pm after listening to an amazing book on tape that we’ll probably talk about too much at upcoming shows (about greek history.. it’s really fantastic), got to ashland, and started relaxing.

goodbye portland. hello california. goodbye rain. hello sun.

*all stated times are averages of dave and i.. he pretty much always wakes up an hour earlier than me, because he is ultimately a better and more noble person, and i am an amazing sleeper


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