in my mind, we’ve always been a band that stirred up controversey.. the latest: *speechwriters llc officially likes ashlee simpson

yup. that’s right. **we like her.

last night, i went to the universal amphitheatre, where ash was playing a sold-out show (no, i did not pay for tickets, that would be pushing it a bit too far).. surrounded by screaming 14 year-old girls and their bored parents, i watched ashlee run through most of the songs on her debut CD, “autobiography,” as well as perform covers by blondie, the pretenders, and hole.

apart from the ADD nature of the show (a lot of the songs were shorter than the album version, and she changed outfits roughly seven times), it was actually a pretty compelling live performance.. as a professional musician, i can proclaim to the world that’s listening that ashlee doesn’t lip-synch (at least not at this show, though there is certainly a lot of expensive real-time vocal processing going on).. also, jessica simpson (who was at the show), is gorgeous in real life.

all right, that’s all for this edition of Entertainment Weekly..

*to be fair to the band as an institution, i am a big ashlee simpson fan, and dave begrudgingly admits that her cd is bearable. when these two opinions average out, speechwriters llc does indeed officially endorse ashlee. i’m sure that it means a lot to her.
**see above

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