it’s 2am and i’m tired, but i realize that i have been out of touch for a while and wanted to welcome you all back to my life.

hello. how have you been? i super, thanks for asking (what is that from? some movie i saw recently, but i can’t place it)

so, we live in LA now, which is absurd and also totally fitting given our profession. we haven’t done too many LA things recently, except get caught in viscious/viscous traffic for upwards of two hours a day (and we don’t even have conventional jobs.. i can’t imagine the simmering existential rage of the friday afternoon commute after a week of 8-5 work and 6-8/5-7 traffic) .. i’m sure that there’s an entire branch of literature dedicated to LA traffic, but i think i came to my own breakthrough about its cause today. it’s ultimately cyclical: there is traffic most of the time, so when the freeways are relatively clear, everybody drives extremely fast because 1) it feels good after being in stop-and-go conditions for an hour and 2) those conditions might soon return.. then, because someone is driving too fast, there’s an accident, which causes more traffic, which feeds into the next cycle.. needless to say, it’s awful.

everything else, though, is wonderful. i’m not sure where we draw the line between public/private, so i won’t say too much, but band stuff is going great, we’ve got a fantastic sublet in a hip part of town, we’re surrounding ourselves with inspiring musicians, and we’ll be out on the road and in your *city really soon

that’s not all, but i’m exhausted and won’t subject you to any more unedited late night rambling.


*this statement is entirely provisional.. if you live somewhere random (ie. a red state, apologies to thomas, nathaniel, etc..), we may not be there soon.. also, we’re reserving the right to employ a very flexible definition of soon.

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