the tour is dead but i’m still restless..

after a few days of sleeping in at my parents’ house in the bay area (isn’t that scary? when did i start calling it “my parents’ house”?), i’m ready to attempt to summarize the madness of the last week in bullet-point form:

* after an a minor fiasco involving NYC enterprise rent-a-car policies and minivans, we ended up spending our tour time in a Mitisubishi Expedition SUV. In addition to challenging our liberal notions of right and wrong, the Expedition also challenged our wallets (less than 20 miles per gallon x 2.60 per gallon x 1750 miles = a poor SWLLC) and our trunk-packing abilities (there was only one way to successfully fit all of our gear, merchandise, and personal things into the car. it was dubbed “the perfect pack” and involved filling the entire trunk up till the ceiling in addition to the passenger seat behind the driver.
* dc suburbs are the warm nutrient broth that SWLLC depends on to thrive and grow in an otherwise harsh environment. like proto-mitochondrias, jack and nitzan will ultimately flourish because of the love that they were given on their first East Coast show. thanks to the DC kids for kicking so much ass.
* in 24 hours in NYC, i got to see my best girl friend, eat a hot dog and sushi within seven minutes of each other, say farewell to the Tank, make friends with a Coast Guarder, track down Moosehead at 2am, and sleep in Adam Richman’s living room.
* I finished the academic year at Bates College with a 12-1 record on the beer pong table. Congrats to our worthy opponents for preventing a perfect season by soundly defeating Kenly and I at the end of the night.
* Princeton was the sleeper success of the trip. The way we figure it, those kids are supposed to be the future leaders of our country, and they like us a lot, so Speechwriters LLC is pretty much set. In addition to being beautiful and smart people, they drink till 4am and fillibuster till 5am, plus they are gracious with their bedding. Our time at Princeton culminated in a lunchtime ceremony where we were given “highly prestigious” pins that, as far as we understand, are essentially magical keys that will unlock the wrought iron gates of the Ivies like our SAT scores couldn’t. Dave and I are planning to come back and secure our honorary degrees from the Classics department in the near future.
* Ari Hest has a ridiculously good voice. He is also really tall. Paul Dryden is ridiculously good at being the Duke of all things acoustic. He is also bad at reserving hotel rooms. Lucy is ridiculously chattery. She also has a lovely roommate.

Well, that’s the broad strokes of our week on the East Coast. I’m off to play cards with my mom.

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