today, my mom told me to go easy on my liver. she says that every time she reads my blog, i am either in the process of being drunk or recounting some drunk escapade.

while this may be true, i assured her that it just happens that almost everytime i get drunk or hungover, i also find myself near a computer (plus, drinking is so much more rock n roll than listening to lectures on roman history, and i’ve got a persona to maintain :)

with that as a disclaimer, here are the highlights of my “birthday bonanza” 2005:

* drinking beers before getting on the plane to go home (night 1)
* drinking beers in the hot tub with three of my best friends (night 1)
* getting unexpectedly drunk out at the bars with one of the best men living, john w belveal (birthday shots will do you in every time)(according to belveal, there was a point in the night when i said, loudly and perplexedly and in the middle of a club where he and i were having an unsuccessful time with the ladies “we’re good looking and charming. did no one get the memo?” oops :) .. (night 1)
* smashing a watermelon in the middle of the street (night 1)
* having dinner at home with my parents (night 2)
* opening presents (top gift: Collapse, by Jared Diamond [author of Guns, Germs, and Steel] on 8 Cd’s.. our next tour will inevitably be filled with more historical trivia)
* running and jumping into the very cold pacific ocean at 3am with belveal and another great man, sid slater (night 2)
* laying out on the beach (where belveal was hit on by older women and sid was burned to a deep red) (day 3)
* drinking lots of margaritas in my back yard (day and night 3)
* coming home from the bars and finishing off the last of the tequila (night 3)
* hurting all day today

and finally
* reading the dozens of birthday wellwishings from all of you wonderful quasi friends/strangers.

thank you friends, family, and fans for making this quite possibly the best birthday ever.

and sorry mom, about all the alcohol. i definitely didn’t have a sip today :)

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