by “tragedy,” i mean alcohol, and by “speechwriter abode,” i mean dave and misha’s bodies.. that’s right, ladies and gentlemen, right now is dave lowensohn’s official 27th bday, and that means that the two of us have been drinking for the last many hours (sorry mom.. it’s dave’s bday.. i had to celebrate :)

“that’s great misha, thanks for the update,” you’re saying.. . “but what does it mean for us?”

several things:
1) you get to hear about our night: it was a good night.. it involved “the family guy,” a mini keg of grolsh beer, our world class rhythm section, and dave’s butt being squeezed by multiple women at the same time.
2) we’ve settled on the details of our “dave and misha turn 50 extravaganza:” here is what the day is going to look like:
3 to 6: Left of Santa Monica Pier, Big Deans: 1615 Ocean Front Walk. (310) 393-2666.. here is the description… “Big Dean’s is an afternoon must-stop. Pretty much the entire local population stops in there at one time or another during weekend days. The outdoor seating area faces the bike path, the cocktails are inexpensive and the tuna sandwich is delicious. It’s not a wild place, but it is hard to beat when time to take a break when it’s time for a late-afternoon break.” We’ll either be at BD’s, or just in front of it on the beach.. we’ll look roughly how we do on the internet.
6 to sunset: Chez Jay 1657 Ocean Ave. (310) 395-1741.. here is the description… “Chez Jay has been around for decades. In a no-frills manner, it has entertained Hollywood stars, local legends and those just lucky enough to know about it. A favorite haunt of Henry Kissinger, Chez Jays is recognizable by the gigantic conch in the parking lot. Inside, it has sawdust on the floor and because the bar sags in the middle, drinks rest at an angle.” we’ll be in here having a good time, and will go out to the beach just before sunset to enjoy the view and make ourselves healthier (elaboration on that point to come).
after sunset: Loews hotel.. not sure of the number.. it’s located south of the pier, and from 8 till 11pm there is a jazz band and a bar.. what more could you want..

i think dave is actually drunk enough to post his cell phone number on the internet, (which i am wholeheartedly endorsing :) so i’m going to bid you all adieu, pass him the laptop, and see the brave on saturday.


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