names are strange things.. i feel like they determine personalities to a certain extent.. because most people end up accepting their name past a certain age, right? or do a lot of people get them legally changed?

assuming that most people are satisfied with their names, it would seem that a name is a formative thing.. my personal example would be that i have always been a strange kid, and i have a strange name.. i obviously think that there are opposite examples (b/c dave was a strange kid too, and his name was dave), but then you end up with a add-on, like “smart dave” or “crazy dave,” (he’s had both nicknames :)

anyway, i was having the thought, because what if the girl i marry was happy with her name, and it was a pretty straightforward name, and i was happy with my kind of weird name. i want to name my kids sort of strange names (not over-the-top weird, like japhanaya.. just a little different), because i thought it was a good experience. but she might want to do the opposite. what a problem.. if we had two kids, would i name one and she the other? but then wouldn’t we play favorites?

these are the thoughts that are troubling me on a saturday evening before our portland show. that and my heart hurting.

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