why am i up right now? it’s almost 4am. i’m really tired.

right now i am on the futon in adam richman’s nyc apartment’s living room (he’s on tour but the tofftacular lisa is playing host), with the contrast on his gbook really low so i don’t wake dave up (who i am sharing the futon with because nitzan picked the highest card in our nightly contest to see who gets to sleep alone)

i guess i’m up because i went to bed close to 5am last night, slept till 2:30pm, and took an hour nap in the evening. but i did that because the night before, i went to bed at 2am, woke up at 3:45am, flew from los angeles to new york (i like song airlines but hate the guy at the counter who made me check my guitar), haggled with the rental car place (i like enterprise but i hate kevin, who grossly misquoted me about the price of an SUV.. now we’re crammed into a taurus.. with no cd player.. today we were walking around the streets of nyc debating whether or not a $2 eddie money tape was worth it), and played a show at the tribeca rock club, (i liked their green room, but hated their monitors).

anyway, just wanted to check in, say hello, let you know that, while i may not be thinking of you (the internet fanbase) specifically, i must be thinking about something random because i can’t go to sleep, and you will hopefully have been my late-night therapy.

goodnight, and onward to boston tomorrow.

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