Greetings and allow me to introduce myself. My name is Josh & I’m Dave’s younger and more savvy brother. I’ve been nagging him for months if not years to update his SWLLC blog a little more often, since most people enjoy updates more often than is currently offered. Since I’m not really a member of the band, nor do I live in the same city, I can’t really post with too many details on SWLLC happenings, but I can give you something pretty to look at every once in a while, like a blurry picture of a SWLLC member or an un-used promotional shot from “The Bull Moose After Party.” The possibilities are absolutely endless.

What I do know is that the guys are once again together in the same place at the same time and are working on some great goodies for fans in the months to come. Dave tells me there’s a lot going on behind the scenes and that this Fall should be very exciting. Could I get any more vague? Probably not, but if you guys knew everything it wouldn’t be as fun now would it?

Here’s an aforementioned picture for you. Until next time.

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