I just started a new job this week and I thought it would be a good time to reflect on just how cool music is compared to business. I say this because at this unnamed company I work for, we publish a variety of CDs, DVDs, seminars and most importantly books. One of these we publish is a compendium of the “Greatest Jokes” aimed at lightening up the hearts of people at these hotel business seminars with jokes about Insurance Agents, Bankers, Stockbrokers, etc. Here are a few ones I found outrageously funny*:

“Be careful of those calendars banks give you to help you keep track of your payments. I saw one with 16 months on it.”

“Q: Where does Santa put all of his money?
A: In the snow bank.”

and finally…

“What’s the favorite tree of the IRS?
Eucalyptus (“You Clipped Us”)

Maybe we’ll do one or two of these a week in the SWLLC blog** just to remind you that money and comedy don’t mix and more importantly, the need for quality entertainment like SWLLC provides.


*-Extreme sarcasm.
**-Don’t worry, more will never be published beyond the three here.

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