Ahh, TGIF! Happy weekend everybody, and a special happy weekend to those of you who work 9-5 M-F. I now officially feel your pain.

Tonight I bring you some great band-related news. In case you hadn’t heard “Satisfiction” is now officially out of print and thus legally shareable. SWLLC forum member sw5110 has gone through the effort to upload it to the gracious servers of www.YouSendIt.com, so be sure to visit the forums and the thread to pick up the album while it’s still easily avaliable. You can even send the band money if you’d like, I’m sure they wouldn’t mind. Also, forum member blguillen has posted links to several shows on the forums, so if you’re hankering for some live SWLLC music with some really excellent recordings, check it out.

Other exciting band news of course being the great interview on www.FeelingAnxious.com by Aly Semigran. If you haven’t read it click here. Highlights include references to “solar yoga,” band relations and future insights to musical accompaniment by Stephen Hawking and Natalie Portman. It shouldn’t be missed. The site also has a few other interviews with bands if you’re into that sort of thing.

I’d also like to start a contest. My first post gave me a great idea: “Why not have people take pictures of the ‘Bull Moose After Party’ CD in creative places?” Winner gets eternal glory and maybe some free shwag (I’ll discuss this with the band’s accountant), but most importantly I’ll post the top three pics as a post in the near future. The contest starts today and ends September 9th, 2005, giving you a few weeks to be creative and dig the album out from the depths of your CD collection. You can e-mail submissions here.

Dave tells me he’ll update this blog himself one of these days, but aren’t things more fun through a secondary source? It’s kind of like buying diamonds that have gone through 12 different people (literally). Have a great weekend everybody and here’s a picture to brighten up your day:

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