“Just for Girls”

For those of you who keep track of news items on the SWLLC main page, you might have noticed that the band (well, 1/2 of it anyway) was featured on indy phenomenon artist Samantha Murphy’s podcast “SMtv.” If you don’t know what podcasting is, click here for the def. and some history.

The podcast itself runs close to an hour and features a few tracks from The Bull Moose After Party as well as a live rendition of “Spaghetti Streetwalker.” In addition to the music, Murphy serves as an excellent interviewer, grilling the boys about things like their new tour transportation, lead singer duties, and the age-old question about Indy cred vs. Label deals. Definitely makes for a great listen and if anything, it’s nice to imagine Samantha Murphy’s facial expressions to the boys responses.

Finally, someone e-mailed me asking about whether or not there could be nudity/illicit activies/animals in the submissions for The Bull Moose After Party photo contest. The answer of course is yes–be creative, but make sure it’s something your mom could look at (at least for a few seconds). Should have some exiting news later this week, and maybe even a post from a bandmember! Until then, get snapping!

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