i’m a bad rock star.. not bad, i suppose, just incommunicative..

what am i supposed to say on this thing anyways? that i went to a friend’s karaoke bday party last night but was too shy to sing a song because the expectations were too high?

that i haven’t written a new song in many months and i feel guilty about it, like it’s a homework assignment hanging over my head (that sounds awful, but creating almost anything worthwhile is, at least for me, a sometimes stressful experience)

everytime i haven’t blogged for a while, i try to justify it by pondering the ramifications of publicly sharing private thoughts.. how much should i reveal? is it weird that someone met my mom this weekend and said to her, “i’ve read so much about you on the website”? and that that same person will undoubtedly read this post..

what a strange world to live in.

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