today we have played both a catholic high school lunch hour and a sort of keebler elf-ish coffee house in what constitutes downtown saratoga. needless to say, the tour has sprung to life and begun its nationwide rampage with the sort of lumbering stride and social awkwardness one would expect. both shows went very well, my favorite part being dave’s solo during hostage at the catholic high school which he played with a moth on his left hand. also, some lyrical content was altered with respect to the venue, the most inspired of which was the new version of the chorus on “acetate”:

if he’s the one that you want to go to prom with
and i’m the one you want to sit next to
i could put myself on acetate
and make it easier for you

on the fly, no less.

it has been a full day for the llc, and as the one member of the band who didn’t nap between shows, i am rapidly approaching the subtle chemical fluctuation in my body that usually gives way to a complete seperation of my brain and the keyboard my hands are clumsily typing on. though this split can often lead to moments of sublime and inspired genius, usually it just means that i begin to babble incoherently about amino acids and flamingos and the merits of a boston cream pie over just a standard cream pie.

so i’m off to my bed which is a couch next to a pool table. if i’m lucky, i’ll dream about a penguin sliding on its belly and laugh myself awake right before my alarm goes off. that image always makes me laugh when i’m concious, and i sure would like to wake up as a result of it as opposed to misha peering down at me telling me in a voice far too loud for the hour that i have to take first shift driving.

goodnight. penguin dreams.

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