caution, hot chitlins

As I sit in the beautiful home of merch-girl extrodinare Sequoia Methford, I realize that we, Speechwriters LLC, are about to step out of our comfort zone of West Coast sunshine and nice homes (Misha’s parents and Jack’s parents both have excellent abodes, a big thank you to the Chellams and Mahaffys) and into the belly of the fall tour. We really don’t know what to expect, well Dave and Misha do, but they don’t what to expect of me and Jack. They don’t know if and or when we will freak out, although Jack came pretty damm close today when he saw how much stuff he had to pack in our beautiful van. But Jack overcame that small obstacle and did a stellar job of packing. I think this is my outlook for this tour. You give me lemons, I’ll make lemonade. Give me the worst parts of a pig I’ll make pigs feet, snout, or chitlins. But thus far we havn’t had to create swine or use their parts, the west coast leg of the tour was a fine experience and I don’t plan to go downhill from here. Nope all uphill, nothing but chitlins and lemonade.

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