If any of this comes out wierd or has incorrect made-up words its because we have just finished a 19 hour drive. I already feel like more of a man. I can count a couple of extra chest hairs which rounds out to a grand total of 17 hairs. This drive may be our longest of the tour and in reality it wasn’t that bad. We left Glacier Park, Montana last night around 10PM and arrived in Morris, Minnesota today around 5Pm. The best part of the drive was before we even started the journey. Just outside the park was Charlie’s Place which seemed like a nice little spot to relax and have a drink (except the driver) before we left. But what really motivated us to check it out was learning that Charlie’s Place was at one point and maybe still be the 2nd toughest bar in America. While we may be one of the least toughest bands in America, we felt right at home. After ordering champagne coolies and virgin pina coladas we felt ready for the drive and booked across the flattest and most awesome part of America. Well I hear a free meal calling my name and since all I’ve eaten in the last 24 hours is PB&J sandwiches, red bull, and beef jerky, I don’t think I can write anymore.

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