i’m at a computer kiosk where i have to stand up, which is weird for me. i feel that doing computer work standing up should be reserved for space ships and the future, not a student union in madison, wisconsin. however, when you are as commited as were are here in speechwriters llc to daily blogging regardless of somewhat awkward locations and/or a lack of any real interesting things to say, you will not bend like the reed to such a wind.

i have been jumping rope in parking lots and rest stops across america, and i’m pleased to report that while still looking stupid, i look stupid for longer amounts of time as i am getting better at actually jumping the rope.

pizza at a place called ian’s in madison is something you should all experiance. they took one of my favorite salads (carmelized onion, blue cheese, walnut, arugula, and gala apple) and put it on a pizza. also they have hot sauce and honey to mix together and dip the crust into. it’s this sort of simple culinary innovation makes me feel like i’ve just put on a new pair of socks – salad pizza socks – and it feels marvelous. so does saying “toadstool strudel.” just marvelous, these little things.

it will be a good show tonight. we have jasper and he is a titan among men. we have an audience. we have good songs that we are excited to play live. we have (hopefully) a setlist by now. i don’t know how that’s going, exactly, because i am standing at a computer that is not from the future or on a spaceship. either way, i trust things will go just swimmingly.

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