tonight i was talking with an old friend who is in a master’s program for genetic counseling.

we only had a brief conversation, and during half of that i was busy trumpeting my own uneducated opinions on things, but as far as i understand, society is now able to identify major genetic defects (i don’t mean defects with any sort of negative connotation, but i can’t think of a better word).. pretty crazy, huh..

i’ve already thought (briefly) about what classical music i want to play to my unborn baby.. i’ve already thought about what instrument i want to teach him/her first.. i’ve already wondered about what sports him/her might play..

so what if a doctor came to me with a checklist of traits to favor (i’m sorry to all the sciency people that are reading this.. i’m sure that my wording is imprecise and the time table for all this is in the decently distant future).. tall over short? skinny over fat? no back hair over back hari?

is it wrong that i’m loosely aligning these poles in positive/negative groups?

here’s the weird thing: if my child had crooked teeth, i would support him/her getting braces.. so if a doctor offered to choose for traits that would favor better teeth, would i pick it?

confusing thoughts for a saturday evening.. i’ll hope that when my friend graduates she’ll be able to clarify all of this..

ps. a shout-out to the roll dawgs (it’s the only appropriate spelling for them :)

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