In the last 24 hours I’ve experienced a lot. The most impressive task completed was driving from Chicago to Washington D.C. in about 14 hours. After doing the 20 hour drives, anything under 15 hours kind of seems like a walk in the park, although it was raining and awful outside plus I don’t trust Jack (never trust a bass player) to get us more than 20 miles without a near death collision. Aside from the drive, Misha and I watched and listend to the Chicago Symphony play Mozart’s Piano Concierto No. 23 in Chicago’s Millenium Park. It was so inspiring we decided we’re going to cover it from beggining to end so keep looking out for that. We also had the best breakfast of the trip so far in this tiny place in Pennsylvania. After finishing the meal our waitress felt so comfortable with us that she asked if we had found Jesus Christ. She mentioned that we are like truck drivers, we never know if we’re actually gonna reach our destination alive or not, but if we find Jesus Christ than we’ll know that if we don’t make it to our destination at least we’ll make it to heaven. All this in less than 24 hours!!! And you wonder why we grow and matrue so quickly. You just can’t buy life experience like that.

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