so i’m at a waffle house with robin williams, only it’s not robin williams, it’s robin williams as his character from “House of D,” which i haven’t even seen. but i know from the trailer that his character is retarded. so there i am with retarded robin williams in a waffle house and i realize that i left the lights on in my car. so i go outside. no sooner do i step outside than a gang of street thugs leaps out of the shadows and declares that they’re going to kill me. for what i’m not sure. i run back inside and try to ask robin williams for help, but he’s retarded so he can’t do much. so i turn around and yell for anyone to help. but everyone just goes back to eating their waffles. i start thinking how strange it is that no one is reacting to me or trying to help me. but then i realize that it’s even stranger to be in a waffle house with robin williams as his retarded character from House of D (which I haven’t even seen) in the middle of the night about to be attacked by a huge gang of street thugs for no reason. that’s when i realized it was all a dream. so i made all the thugs burst into flame and then i flew out the window.

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