isn’t it strange that people don’t think about the point of life more often? i rarely do, and i feel like the combination of long car drives and my preference for silence over music makes me a fairly self-reflexive person..

seriously, what is the point of life? (i don’t mean that sentence to be read with a negative tone.. i’m talking pure curiousity) is it to be happy, b/c that seems sort of vapid.. is it to experience a few moments of clarity from time to time (like the euphoria that climbers who have ascended Everest talk about)? is it to try everything once?

it seems (at least to me) to be a question worth asking on a fairly regular basis.. b/c if, at almost any point in your life or your day, you hope that time will pass quickly, then something is wrong, i think, unless you have some extended theory about an afterlife..

it really is a troubling question.. i wonder if it will keep me up tonight..

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