This is kind of anti-climactic for me. I’m not going to lie – I spent a lot of time on yesterday’s post. Partially for you, but mostly for me, as I brought my little composition book “diary” on tour, but it’s buried so deep in the van that I haven’t written anything in it since July, so this blog is pretty much the only lasting record I’m going to have of this tour, and at this point in my life it ultimately comes down to food.

But here we are. Nitzan and the boys are charging down to New York in anticipation of tomorrow’s show. I’m still in Boston. We’ve got a couple of off days, so my girlfriend’s visiting from Seattle and we’re visiting our old friends Ryan and Katie. Ryan’s the guy who did the strings on the last song on my placeholder CD, “I Am A Professional.” He and this other kid Dave have been my licensed and bonded best friends since fifth grade (or whenever Dave stopped beating the shit out of me at the playground), but Dave has since moved to Taiwan and Ryan and I had this weird realignment a couple of years ago when my girlfriend and I moved to Washington and became couple friends with him and his wife.

Couple friends are weird things, and supposedly the way of the future for those of us in our late twenties. According to my cousin, there comes a point where you stop wanting to be single and settle down with that proverbial “special someone,” usually in your late twenties, which is kind of where I’m at. According to this cousin (we’ll call him Brian), this happens to everyone whether they want it or not, because at some point the vast majority of your friends are going to switch over to the monogamy model and you’re going to suddenly stop feeling like the protagonist in some romantic comedy night after night and start looking in the mirror to see a flesh and blood Quagmire staring back at you.

Anyways, it happens, and you supposedly find yourself (for the most part) eliminating the single people from your social life and seeking out Good Couples to hang out with, the kind of couples where everybody gets along with their respective gender pair and everybody has enough bus/cab fare to get home safely after a long night of drinking, and sometimes there’s swapping, and everybody’s happy. According to Brian, you hold this position for a couple of years, then your first friend gets pregnant, then your second, then suddenly there’s all this pressure to have kids, which you do, and then it’s like that whole earlier “couples only” thing but with kids, where you don’t want to hang out with anyone who isn’t down with the laid-back, all ages scene, and you find yourself quoting The Lion King and being able to tell Lindsay Lohan from Hilary Duff for non-sexual reasons, and then you ultimately slink into retirement and old age and death and that’s that.

Anyways, that’s what I’m doing tonight. The first part, anyway. Everyone says hi, and get the fuck off the computer so we can hang out, which I’m going to do now, so good night. Warm wishes from all of us in Boston.


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