Nothing too exciting to report today, just writing to let you know that the Bull Moose After Party Photo Contest 2005 deadline will be extended an additional week, so the new deadline is:

Friday, Sept. 16th @ 11:59 PST.

Cooincidentally, the 16th is Mexican Independence Day, so some of you will have two reasons to celebrate. After the deadline, I’ll be sorting through the entries and posting them the following monday. The reason for the extension is primarily to get a few more entries, in addition to allowing time for some of you to buy the album first.

On the rest of the news front there’s not a whole lot to tell, other than that you should really check out the tour schedule to make sure you don’t miss the guys if/when they’re in your town. If they are coming to your town, take some time to print out the flyers and put them up in your workplace/school/coffee shop/SWLLC shrine. I’ve also been told by Dave that they make excellent insulation in the TOUR VAN 500,000+ (the number actually has a meaning…if you don’t know what I’m talking about listen to the podcast).

More to come this week, now get snapping!

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