I turn my back for five minutes and this is what happens. Hi everyone. This is Dave. They say a blog is like a puppy, in that you need to take care of it regularly or one of your friends – usually one who’s better looking, has a higher paying job, and is way more confident than you – is going to swoop in and satisfy her in ways that you simply can’t, and next thing you know you’re half-bald and staring down the wrong end of thirty from a coldwater flat in Minneapolis’ least cool suburb, wondering not only how they got your new address but why the fuck they think you’d want to come to their wedding.

My brother Josh appears to have this situation under control, but I wanted to chime in with a quick hello from The Road. What’s this “The Road,” you may be asking, as our great North American tour, two thirds of which you don’t even know about yet, doesn’t start for at least another week? For me, The Road was a two day microtour with Cataldo, which mostly consisted of me and my girlfriend watching him and his girlfriend get kicked out of bars along I-5, but was interspersed with enough heartbreaking music and weird tales of Idaho childhood that I’m already calling it my best Labor Day weekend ever.

I also went to Bumbershoot with my friend Brady, who’s German, and it was (predictably) amazing. We got our asses handed to us both physically and spiritually by Ted Leo and The Decemberists, which we were of course anticipating, but it was Flight of the Conchords who came out of left field and instantly won my vote for “Biggest Unexpected Surprise At A Festival In My Life So Far,” which had previously gone to Fun Lovin’ Criminals in 1996 and hadn’t really been updated since.

After that, though, the stories get pretty dull, and I feel like I’ve already spent way too much of this past week talking about myself, so I will leave you here and trust that my kid brother will be back shortly to resume the doing of whatever it is he’s been doing. But it’s been great talking to you, and I really look forward to doing this again some time.


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