Greetings everybody and a happy weekend to all. Like my co-worker calls it, “weak-end” is just about how I’m feeling after a pretty grueling week of juggling work, commuting, and apartment hunting.

Exciting news this week with the public release of not only a new iPod, but something to play on it with the SWLLC Mixtape 2005. The boys are nice enough to release a smattering of full versions of their songs (including a majority from their newest album) for your listening pleasure. Download the mixtape, burn it, share it. It’s all about the music. Just don’t sell it please.

Speaking of the new album, just a friendly reminder that you still have an additional week to get your entries into the Bull Moose After Party Photo Contest. I’m working on getting some really great shwag for the winner/s and you’ve still got a pretty good chance of winning if you’ve got some good ideas of things to do with albums. I’ve enjoyed looking at people’s pictures they’ve sent me and I’ve gotta say they just keep getting better so please keep it up!

With that, it’s time for a big night out. Here’s a picture of what you could be submitting as entires. Get creative!

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