Interesting fact: The nail was invented AFTER the hammer. Nails were made by blacksmiths (by hand), and on a good day one blacksmith could only pump out a mere few hundred.

It’s been an interesting week thus far, there wasn’t too much of a backlash from non-winners of the SWllc photo contest, but I’m glad to say they’ve opened up a thread on the forums to show off their still-great photos for the world to see. I was going to put them up myself, but they beat me to it (plus I’m lazy)! To clarify what made a winning photo, they were judged in two main categories:

1. Composition- how the shot was set up, clarity/color depth of the shot, angling, etc.

2. Creativity- how the CD case was used, humor, eye-catchiness, profanity…

So that’s enough about that. Also in band-related news, the boys are still on the road in full force and doing a great job blogging. Dave & I didn’t have a chance to meet up when he was in town, but our super-secret project is still in the works and should be rolling out as soon as we find the right recording equipment…have I said too much? Muh hahahah…

(photo by Paulami Naik)

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