Is it already Monday? I guess it is. Things get really weird after all night drives. We’re in southern Maine right now, staying at the lakeside cabin of a very good friend of the band who’s on the short list of people who should be expecting a top-of-the-line fruitcake from us this holiday season.

I’m in an internet cafe right now listening to Rush’s greatest hits. I didn’t know Rush had any great hits beyond “Tom Sawyer,” but I guess it’s all relative. Speechwriters LLC probably has a CD’s worth of greatest hits by now, God willing.

This blog’s going to be pretty slow for the next couple of days. I’m still not sure how Lumer got out of the rotation last time, but you can be sure it’s not going to happen again. Not on my watch, anyway. You can be damned sure of that.

Off to Rite Aid for trout tags,

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