Yesterday was a hell of a day and since right now it is almost 2pm on the east coast and nothing exciting has happened it is only proper to write about yesterday. There really is only one thing I could write about yesterday: The boating adventures of Nitzan and Misha. For some reason the two of us get paired up together, maybe because we’re the same age, maybe because we both have wierd unisex names, maybe because we both like to be tan 365 days out of the year, I don’t know. But what I do know is we took two kayaks to the middle of Bridgeton Lake. Once we got to the middle of the lake where the sun was at its highest we thought it might be a nice place to stop rowing and just relax for a minute. We kept drifting away from each other so we began to hold on to each others boats so we could have a conversation without yelling. This seemed like a brilliant idea at first. We got into this epic conversation about real estate, kibbutzim in Israel, and the future of our band. We spoke with intensity staying close but not realizing our changing location. By the time the conversaton ended we were on the complete otherside of the lake probably about 2 miles away from the cabin and not really knowing which dock was the right one. The sun was beggining to set and we frantically row as hard as we can to try and find the right one. With my sense of direction I wasn’t too worried but I could tell Misha was a little concerned. But as I was rowing in the middle of this lake with no other person to be seen for miles I thought to myself: It’s a Monday, I’m in the middle of Maine on a lake, I’m kind of lost on a kayak, is this really what I’m doing with my life? You damn right it is.

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