Tour Diary 10/17/05

While it’s technically Jack’s turn to blog, he’s been driving our asses all over NYC tonight and is probably already asleep, so I’m going to step in as the de facto tech person and let you all know what’s been going down with the LLC.

Misha, Nitzan and I have eaten three cheesesteaks in the past 48 hours, and I feel like this is the only forum in which that has a chance of being recognized. We are all small men – rental cars won’t even acknowledge Nitzan as anything other than a “small adult,” as we learned from our time in a Pontiac Grand Am earlier this summer.

M: How come it says “Passenger Airbag De-Activated” on the dashboard?
J: I don’t know. It never says that when I’m riding shotgun.
D: Me neither. Let me see the owner’s manual.
(flip, flip, flip)
D: (Reading from manual:) “Passenger side airbag disabled when the Pontiac Grand Am detects either a child or a small adult in the passenger side seat.”
N: Fuck you.
M: Cars don’t lie, Nitz. You do have awfully small ankles.

So it is no small feat that the three of us have ingested upwards of seven pounds of shredded beef since Saturday. Jack wisely abstained, and I’m sure that whoever he’s staying with tonight will be thanking him for not polluting his home with the rank man-stench that tends to follow us all out of Philadelphia.

We’re currently in New York – Jack and I just said hello/goodbye over $70 worth of tequila and beer to a very good friend of ours who is on her way to India for six months to teach yoga and do whatever else one does in India for six months. We are currently grooving to the smooth sounds of mc chris and having that thing that’s like nostalgia but in the present tense, where you step outside of your body and say, “Holy crap, I’m a healthy young man who’s arguably getting paid to hang out with his friends 3000 miles away in New York City, and we’re playing a show day after tomorrow, does it get any better than this?”

And the answer is yes, but only slightly, because it’s rare that anyone ever gets a goat sacrificed in their honor. But if you do, it’s incredible.

Anyways, stay tuned, I’ve got a really exciting post in the works having to do with Sleep Cycles Of The Future. It’s going to change your life.


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