Tour Diary 10/18/05

” One can live magnificently in their world if one knows how to work and how to love, to work for the person one loves and to love ones work ” Leo Tolstoy

That being said, I am a 23 year old junior college 5th year and am currently single. Business has been a little slow lately as apparently there isn’t much demand for a person with the qualifications previously noted ( which is a god damn pity). These facts in mind my decision on what path to take this evening are slightly more complicated than they would be at another point in my life. This is why I need you, the speechwriters llc blog readers of America, to help me in my decision.

Do I….
A. Invite the girl to whom I am only moderately attracted to over to my house for some extracurricular activities with or without a movie. This moderate attraction applies to both her personality and physical appearance.

B. Go out to the bars with one of my best friends sisters for a 21rst birthday celebration, thus throwing away my chances with Mrs. Mediocre, but being a good friend ( as long as I dont attempt to kiss my friends sister)

I do hope that you will take my plight seriously and respond by texting either an A or B according to how you feel about the situation. I take your opinions to heart as you obviously love and respect the LLC. And any friend of the LLC is a friend of mine. OH yeah, 408- 644-0888 is the number to text to. Please take haste as I have about an hour to decide. Bels

One thought on “Tour Diary 10/18/05

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